Sunday, 12 January 2014

Latest Film Weapons/Props

This Snipper AEG is based on a Weapon used in one of the episodes from the TV series Stargate SG1. It has a working illuminated sight, bi-pod, collapsable stock,low profile scope. It has been painted up in custom camp which was not used in the show. The one in the show was plain black but I though it looked batter this way. The front RIS where the battery goes is internally illuminated and the front silence has a custom Tracer LED fitted. It was good fun building up this gun. It was made up from a number of Airsoft guns. It is a bit heavy being mostly metal which is the only down side although some people like this as it has a more realistic feel.

This is going to be my Main weapon for the latest costume I have just completed which is a Unit Marine from DrWho. The Gun is based on the G36C Automatic Machine gun. It is complete with a Working Holo sight and fake bullet mag.

The two hand guns I use for costuming for my Stargate Atlantis costume and UNIT from DrWho.

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