Saturday 19 April 2014

The Gate is complete

For something so simple to make this build has taken forever. It is mainly due to the size of the gate and the very bad weather we have had. On the whole the build went well. A few problems included the bolts were to long and all had to be cut down, now the gate fits together much better. Also the panels warped which caused a few problems and had to be fixed. The stand works well but is not painted yet. There are a few more details to add to the chevrons but on the whole it should be ready for the Corahsm show on the 26th April 2014.

Friday 11 April 2014

Outer ring fitted

Bit more work in the glorious sunshine today. I have added some reinforcement to the stand and fitted the outer end panels giving the gate a more solid look. 
Chevrons are next.

Thursday 10 April 2014

The Gate is standing, at last

It has taken a while to get this far. The weather has been so bad I have not had the chance to get outside and assemble the gate and build the stand. The stand I have welded together has been built from an old trampoline stand. There are a few cross braces needing to be welded and bolted in place but on the whole it seems strong enough to support the mass of the upright gate.
Next step now the gate is standing will be to get the LED's fitted, inner and outer panels fitted and the Chevrons wired up and fitted. 

Sunday 19 January 2014

Some colour at last

At last after three weeks the sun is shining and it has stopped raining. I managed to rub down the sides of each panel and decided to give them a quick coat of paint. It is my special formula of, Masonry paint, black emulsion and sand. It gives a great stone finish and once the shading and top coats are added will look great.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Latest Film Weapons/Props

This Snipper AEG is based on a Weapon used in one of the episodes from the TV series Stargate SG1. It has a working illuminated sight, bi-pod, collapsable stock,low profile scope. It has been painted up in custom camp which was not used in the show. The one in the show was plain black but I though it looked batter this way. The front RIS where the battery goes is internally illuminated and the front silence has a custom Tracer LED fitted. It was good fun building up this gun. It was made up from a number of Airsoft guns. It is a bit heavy being mostly metal which is the only down side although some people like this as it has a more realistic feel.

This is going to be my Main weapon for the latest costume I have just completed which is a Unit Marine from DrWho. The Gun is based on the G36C Automatic Machine gun. It is complete with a Working Holo sight and fake bullet mag.

The two hand guns I use for costuming for my Stargate Atlantis costume and UNIT from DrWho.